Отзывы о брокере K7 Trade (К7 Трейд) https://k7trade.com/

K7 Trade (К7 Трейд) https://k7trade.com/

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Официальный сайт: https://k7trade.com/
Телефон: [email protected]
Адрес: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; 175 Piccadilly, St. James’s, London W1J 9TB, UK

О компании

There is always space for improvements, and we have been improving the quality, and effectiveness of what we provide our clients with.

We are a company of values and we strive for better each day. We have learned from our clients, by hearing them carefully, their impressions, their feedback, their claims, questions and suggestions. We truly believe that teamwork is the core of success. You cannot succeed alone, while there is so much dynamism around you. Since our first day in this business, we have been putting extra efforts to come with new solutions, advanced products and services.


We have developed our business with the highest ethical standards. We are transparent and reliable in all relationships we build with employees, clients and stakeholders.


We appreciate innovation and improvement as key factors to stay on the top of the industry. We want to be the best at each service we offer. Embracing change and the latest trends of technology helped us to be one of the kind in the trading industry.


We strive for the best on a daily basis, so our clients would be happy and profitable. This is our main purpose. We measure our success by the number of clients who stay longer and are happy with us. We are delivering exceptional services.


We have greater results while we work as a team. We trust each other’s skills, capabilities and professionalism. We motivate people to bring the best out of them, and to make new proposals over products and services. We are made by the contribution of everyone.


  • Fast Execution time

Forex prices usually move fast, especially during times of volatility. Our platform is developed in such a way that the trades are executed in 0.012 seconds. The platform has proven itself for reliability, speed and is able to handle any type of complex strategy you might choose to implement

  • Start from just $250

The firm minimum is $250, and you can open your trades as low as $20 per trade. This minimum is considered by our risk management department to be a minimum suitable investment in order for the trader to see real profits in the short run.

  • A successful portfolio starts with the right chosen assets

Choose the instruments you know the best. You will work better with the instruments you like and have more knowledge about. There is a smart move to include safe haven assets despite everything.

Easy-to-understand trading terminology

Everything is explained with simple words. There is no trading jargon which you cannot get right. Despite the simple words, there are account managers and financial advisors who will assist you anytime you have questions related to the trading process.

K7 Trade (К7 Трейд) https://k7trade.com/ - отзывы (5):
Paбoтaл я c этими товарищами, ecли этo мoжнo нaзвaть paбoтoй. Kaк тoлькo я пepecтaл пoпoлнять cчeт меня тyт жe cлили. Сумма была приличная, мне помогли найти способ вернуть свои деньги, пpoцecc cлoжный, нo вoзмoжный. Еcли нyжны пoдpoбнocти звоните 7 (499) 495-13-62
14 января 2022
Никому не советую связываться с этой кухней! Деньги отправляются на их офшорные счета и вы их потом никогда не найдете, как и их самих!
10 января 2022
Стабильно делают обзвоны, чтобы развести на деньги. Мне звонил Артем. Когда начинаешь выяснять где и как зарегистрированы, есть ли лицензия у K7Trade, то утверждают, что вся информация есть на их официальном сайте. Но на самом деле ничего там нет….сайт примитивный и шаблонный, как и у многих других ненастоящих брокеров
24 декабря 2021
Доброго времени суток. Для себя мониторил этого брокера. Пришел к выводу, что это КУХНЯ и не более того. Возможности заработать, а тем более вывести деньги здесь не дадут. Разведут по максимуму и просто сольют или заблокируют.
22 декабря 2021
K7trade врядли даст возможность заработать. Это не более чем низкокачественный псевдоброкер, который имеет офшорную регистрацию на Сент-Винсент и Гренадинах. И нет гарантий, что такая компания существует воообще. Настоятельно не рекомендую работать с такими брокерами, как этот..
20 декабря 2021
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